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Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons

Cultural Competency

Cultural Competency, a 2 credit CE course will teach you how to work with varying cultures without having exposure to discrimination claims. Learn the 4 elements to increase your cultural competency, new cultural competency techniques, and about varying norms, preferences, and challenges that are particular to the top 5 origin countries of US foreign purchasers. Yet, don't stop there, learn to apply your newfound knowledge without exposure by diving into the frictions between cultural sensitivity training and discrimination laws. Then, gain new techniques to avoid cultural misunderstandings, which can otherwise result in lawsuits.

This course interweaves its content on cultural sensitivity with varying legal rights, such as the right to the social benefits of integration as identified by the US Supreme Court, how to audit without exposure through leveraging privilege, applicable license law definitions, and macro level brokerage / team recruiting without exposure to reverse discrimination. This course brings it all together where we combine idealism with practical legal know-how to mitigate your exposure and increase your profitability as a real estate licensee in New York State.


Credits: 2.00 CE Hours