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Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons

Real Estate Teams

Doing business on a handshake just makes lawyers rich as the lawsuits pileup. Learn about your need to establish corporate infrastructure that avoids pointless risks and costs. This 3 credit continuing education course will educate you as to when a team exists under the law, how your entity should be formed, and how to structure your staff’s job descriptions / agreements so that they remain independent contractors and not employees. You will learn the risk of misclassifying employees as independent contractors and how to partner-up with another team leader in a so called “partnership” through an operating agreement that protects your assets. Then, in operating the team, you will learn about HR requirements and how these requirements can be outsourced to PEOs and ASOs. You will finally learn what it means to be an entrepreneur within a larger business, with your own business infrastructure that matches your self-image. Only then, will you really be “in business.”    

Credits: 3.00 CE Hours