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Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons

To be Green or not to be Green? That is the question...

Green is a color that is so decisive in our lives. Like it or not, the green folks have branded products and services in terms of being for or against civilization as we know it. Being against a green product is being against the continuation of the existence of our planet. While we aren't going to take it that far, we are proud to offer a class with a serious green debate. We will challenge products beyond their green label and help you to decide for yourself if each offers an efficiency that will result with green in your pocket. This continuing education course will thereafter explore what it takes to be green, including Governmental Ordinances, Organizational Certifications, and home construction options. Yet, the reason this course is a must attend is green matters to many of your clients. You need to know the ins and outs of terms like LEED, Energy Star, and Green Globes. You must know your energy options. Its time to learn about efficient lighting and heating. Green matters; So, its time to leverage it.

Credits: 4.50 CE Hours